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How to use Savemp3 to convert Youtube video to mp3?

  • STEP 1: copy video URL from browser or app (use share button), then paste it into the white box and hit GO button
  • STEP 2: if copy-paste is not available, search Youtube videos right from the input box, - click on any thumbnail
  • STEP 3: click big green button to convert Youtube video to mp3. Use 2nd button to see more video download options
  • Welcome to Savemp3. Youtube Converter.

    Hello and welcome to new, better, faster, cooler, nicer and so much bolder looking Savemp3. It is Youtube converter that bring users here, yet it is the amazing features that make users come back over and over. Savemp3 can help download videos from Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit (with audio), Dailymotion, Vimeo and many other websites, social networks and video archives. Savemp3 can also convert some of those videos to mp3, including clips from Youtube, Instagram, etc. Savemp3 has its own light-weight web app that users install to their laptops and smartphones for easy access. There's a shortcut to use with browsers and Iphones.. There're so many features, it'll take the rest of this page to describe them!

    Youtube to mp3 converter

    Savemp3 can help convert Youtube videos to mp3. It's the main purpose of this website.

    Download Facebook videos

    Convert short Facebook videos to mp3 or download video file as mp4 of various quality.

    Instagram video converter

    Download videos from Instagra or convert any IG video to mp3, including IGTV and stories.

    Download Soundcloud music

    So much music on Soundcloud can be downloaded, sometimes with HQ quality if available.

    Online playlist download

    Savemp3 can help with hug eYoutube or Dailymotion video playlists, just copy/paste the URL.

    Search Youtube incognito

    The input box also works as search box for Youtube videos, just type keywords and enjoy.

    Video thumbnail album art

    Mp3 converter always includes video thumbnail as album art for easy visual search & locate.

    Mp3 includes artist, title, etc

    Savemp3 makes things easy by including video title, artist, genre & meta data as ID-tags.

    Savemp3 helps download video from 450 websites

    While mp3 saving is what Savemp3 does best, the other side of online video converter is also included. Savemp3 knows how to help you download video from over 450 websites and networks. Savemp3 can also help download adult videos from many naughty sites, just give it a try. There are no strong limits, as long as you don't try to abuse the system. Any online video can be converted to mp4 here at Savemp3, and then downloaded to your device fast, free and secure process only leaves you wishing for more. More is a normal thing when you use Savemp3. Don't stop at mediocre imitators, Savemp3 is full-featured Youtube converter and there's no others like it. We are the creators, they are the imitators! Always come home to Savemp3.

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    Don't lost Savemp3 - add to your device homescreen or desktop with just 2 clicks. Hit the orange button above and then accept browser's offer to insall the web app. It's very easy, the app is same as website, it has all the features, search included and all. It's light-weight, it never needs to update, it's a perfect app for smartphone, works great on Android, but also Windows, as long as Chrome or MS Edge browsers are involved.

    Savemp3 browser shortcut

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    Drag and drop this green button to your bookmarks in the browser, and you're all set. Clicking it won't work, it's a javascript bookmark, aka bookmarklet. To see how it works visit any page with video and hit our button in your browser's bookmarks. This is mostly for desktop users, as bookmarks on smartphones are really hard to use and require multiple taps to get to.. It works in any browsers, bookmarks are universal.